about talon

After three years of intensive development, Talon is almost ready for launch. We've spent our time and resources perfecting technology that allows for multi-functionality within a limited amount of space. With our various innovations, like the powerful CPU, the unique PCB, and the 9-axis motion sensor, the Talon can be used for an endless amount of applications, while being worn on the index finger for maximum functionality and a natural feel when using it as a controller. 

Because the applications are endless, we offer developers a free SDK, to inspire creativity and increase the amount of uses for the Talon. If you are a developer, please visit our Developer page. We're inventing (and patenting) new ways to fit big tech into tiny spaces. 

Uses for the Talon include:

  • Mobile games - Talon is compatible with both Android and IoS, with unique custom motion settings.
  • PC VR - Talon is compatible with the Oculus and the Vive.
  • Mobile VR/AR, such as the Samsung Gear, Daydream, and Cardboard.
  • VR & AR - Talon is perfectly suited for VR/AR experiences and applications such as shopping, education, travel, events, VR theme parks, virtual meetings, real estate/interior design, and more.
  • Education - Talon is great for education, making learning interactive and fun. 
  • Lifestyle - Livestreaming, video/music control, speaker control, camera use (video, mobile, point-and-shoot, and DSLR), fitness & health, drones, robotics, powerpoint presentations, location tracking, mobile devices, skateboards, and NFC chipping.
  • IoT - Lights, home tech, music, HVAC, security, TV, speakers, and cars. 

For any inquiries, please visit our Contact page


In the videos below, you can view examples of more traditional inputs - swiping left, right, up, down, and clicking inputs with the two buttons located on the side of the Talon. Talon offers 9-degrees of freedom, 3 more than traditional controllers, and also has highly customizable motion control inputs.

For basketball experiences, you would use the motion of throwing a basketball, just like in the real world. For a sword-fighting or boxing experience, you would use the same motions as you would were you fighting in the real world. The Talon is able to provide familiar and intuitive motion control for completely immersive experiences.