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talon developer program


Developers: we'd love to connect with you. The possibilities are endless with the Talon, and so, we invite you to develop new possibilities for the Talon. There are so many uses for the Talon, from controlling different interfaces, convenient lifestyle applications, to just really fun content for the ring in the gaming, VR, and AR space. If you have a big idea, would like to discuss partnerships, or need guidance, please use the form below or email us at: For all other inquiries, please visit our Contact Page.

For any questions, please email our engineering team at:

If you would like to join our developer Slack group to chat with our team and other developers, you can sign up and join here

We have SDKs available for the following platforms:

iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Samsung Gear, Google Daydream, Cardboard, Unity, Oculus, and Vive

Purchase your developer kit:


Our sdk is public!

Check it out.


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