ring sizing guide

We hope you will wear your Talon smart ring every day - therefore, it's very important you get the right size. Please take note of the sizing information provided below. 

If you order incorrectly, no worries - you will have 30 days from delivery to exchange your ring for a different size. Always order up a size if you aren't sure. All of our smart rings come with band inserts to help achieve a perfect, comfortable fit. Talon will be worn on your index finger, so your thumb can access the buttons easily. Therefore, please go with your index finger size, and not your ring finger. 

Our ring also has a flat surface on the inside - please take this into account as you choose your size. You also want to make sure the ring fits comfortably on your index finger and slides over your knuckle, so we recommend going up to a bigger size if you find you may be in-between sizes. 


Inside ring circumferences are as follows:

  • Small: 57.95 MM (similar to US Size 8)
  • Medium:  62.95 MM (similar to US Size 10)
  • Large: 68 MM (similar to US Size 12)
  • X-Large: 72.99 MM (similar to US Size 14)


Download the file below for a visual representation of our 4 ring sizes. It is a printable guide to easily match your index finger to a ring size. 

When viewing the downloaded image file, make sure you are viewing at 100% zoom.